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etre ou ne pas etre

je ne vois pas, ne parle pas et n'entend pas. je ne suis plus rien sinon je mexprime, alors voila l'occassion.


9 septembre 2014 2 09 /09 /septembre /2014 15:27

European Galileo satellites have been sent into space, but placed in the wrong orbit. The Galileo project, which accumulated delays and additional costs since its inception, is compromised and is necessary to whom?

Galileo is a European project (radionavigation) satellite positioning system. The deployment of the system is originally intended to be completed by 2019-2020.

It will ensure the autonomy of the European Union towards the United States and Russia in this strategic field, particularly in military applications, and deploy faculties advanced compared to those currently offered by the GPS of the United States or Russia, or even the Chinese Beidou/Compass project GLONASS.

Applications: transport (road, rail, air and maritime traffic), energy, agriculture and fishing, personal navigation, search and rescue, crisis management (floods, maritime disasters, oil spills, earthquake, humanitarian aid), environmental management, leisure, economy (finance, banking, insurance), etc.

Galileo will be compatible with the American GPS and the Russian Glonass, the two other networks of radio navigation satellites, both designed during the cold war for military purposes. Galileo will offer a location accuracy in real time of the order of the meter, that no other public system allows. It will notify users within seconds of any failure of one of the satellites. These features make the European project a system suitable for applications in which security plays a crucial role, as rail traffic control, road traffic regulation and monitoring of the aircraft in landing phase.

The Galileo system will consist of 30 satellites (27 operational and three spares). They will be divided into three circular orbits at an altitude of 23616 km with an inclination of the orbital planes of 56 ° angle. Galileo signals will also cover up to 75 ° North and South latitude. Thanks to the high number of satellites, the optimization of the constellation and the existence of 3 satellites in active reserve, the loss of a satellite will not notable result for the user. Orbiting satellites will be supported by a global network of ground stations.

Galileo is the biggest competitor of the American GPS. The Americans always have to sabotage the Galileo system to accuse the Russian Soyuz, his best enemy was the best solution. That's a guess.

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