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  • : Ces trois regles signifient littéralement : « Ne vois pas », « N'entends pas », « Ne parle pas ». Plus précisément, la doctrine citoyenne signifient « je ne dis pas ce qu'il ne faut pas dire », « je ne vois ce qu'il ne faut pas voir », et enfin « je n'entends ce qu'il ne faut pas entendre »
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etre ou ne pas etre

je ne vois pas, ne parle pas et n'entend pas. je ne suis plus rien sinon je mexprime, alors voila l'occassion.


24 avril 2014 4 24 /04 /avril /2014 15:02

The malignant it is a Satan who means " opponent, ", " the one who opposes God, God's will "

The malignant is inclined to hurt, of the wrong in others. To have the fear of the malignant devil, the spirits of the deaths, the malignant geniuses of all kinds are bad religious strengths, personified forms all the opposite of prophet Mohammed.

Allah sent Mohammed to deliver the men of the malignant, but the malignant stayed on the earth ground, the malignant is an active power, independent from us.

The malignant showed of ingenuity, guile, craftiness to deceive the men.

As crafty as a monkey. He always always eventually seduces and to destroy. Mohammed helps to fight.

Mohammed's quite whole life constitutes the expression of the Koran. He taught his believers to recite the Koran, to respect the principles and to like the holy Koran.

The Muslims believe to the prophets that those mentioned in the Bible and the Torah, including Noé, Moses, Abraham and Jesus, and they believe that every prophet was sent with the same message, there is only a single totally exclusive God.

Mohammed was not only sent to the people of Arabia or only to people living in 7th century.

Allah asserts that Mohammed is not a prophet as the others, that his message is not intended against the humanity, but for her person.

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